North East Guinea Pig Rescue


North East Guinea Pig rescue is an independent and self-funded rescue. The rescue was established in March 2008 by Layla Rumsey to provide shelter and care for abandoned, neglected and unwanted guinea pigs.  Many of the guinea pigs who come into the rescue have been neglected and not cared for properly.  Therefore, we aim to educate guinea pig owners on how to care properly for their guinea pigs to ensure that the guinea pigs’ needs are met in their forever homes.   We strongly oppose the breeding of any guinea pigs due to the amount of unwanted guinea pigs in the UK.   The rescue does not breed and never has bred guinea pigs.  We do not rehome our guinea pigs to people who wish to breed them.

On arrival all our guinea pigs are health checked and treated if necessary.  They are all preventatively treated for parasites.  ALL single guinea pigs are bonded with another guinea pig before adoption or bonded with a guinea pig in their new home.  We do not rehome guinea pigs to live alone. No healthy guinea pig is ever put to sleep. Those who have ongoing serious health problems will not be rehomed but will remain at the rescue.

Layla  has kept guinea pigs for over 26 years, almost her whole life, and runs the rescue from her home.  She wanted to use her experience to help guinea pigs that were not so fortunate. Many of the guinea pigs in rescue are in foster homes with experienced foster carers. This allows them to receive extra TLC and care while waiting to be adopted.

If you feel you could give a good home to a pair of guinea pigs or are looking for a companion guinea pig please get in touch with us preferably by e-mail using the contact page.  Please read the adoption policy to ensure that you are able to meet the requirements and that you are able to provide the time and care a guinea pig requires.  If you need help rehoming a guinea pig, please email the rescue using the details on the contact page.  The rescue is always extremely busy but will always try to help.  WE always offer space to urgent cases.   We are grateful for donations of towels, fleeces, guinea pig nuggets, hay, fresh fruit and vegetables  and other guinea pig related items.

You can view the guinea pigs available for adoption and read updates from the rescue on our Facebook page:

Please watch the short video below which shows the sort of work the rescue does. It does have sound so please turn on your computer’s speakers.

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